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Wekfest 2011 Tour Long Beach Part 1

6/10/2011 9:00 PM

Helluva Rides was one day late on our journey to hit 2 shows in LA in one weekend.. We didn't make Encore but we did make it there on Sunday to Wekfest. Even though we were a day late our 4 hour flight on Hawaiian Airlines was right on time!

Arriving at LAX at 7am we had packed for summer weather but it was a different story when we got outside to get our rental car. I swear it was winter still in LA and us crazy Hawaiians were in shorts and tee shirt freezing our asses off in June!

For those of you that are not familiar with Wekfest, her is s simple break down on what it is. Wekfest started out in Nor Cal by WEKSOS Industries but since than expanded to a 4 stop tour for 2011 (Texas, Chicago and Hawaii). It was a different style of show and if you ever been to the Nor Cal show in 2011 it was held in a parking garage to have the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift feel. 

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If you missed last years event here is a link to see what it was about..

If you missed the Feb show in Nor Cal here is some coverage from Fatlace

Wekfest LA was held in Long Beach at the Queen Marry on Sunday June 5, 2011 and this was the first stop in it 4 stop tour. The event was put on by WEKSOS and Fatlace. When we got to the event at about 12pm we didn’t know what to expect as we could already see how big this show was and the line. Flying in from Hawaii always has its perks as we lucky could by pass that long line. Much Mahalos to old friend from Hawaii Cary for the hook up!

Say what Hypersports? you'll see more on this ride!

By now we went from winter weather a nice summer day in LA that couldn't have been any better for an out door show. The quality of rides were unreal and so different after seeing the same old cars at Hawaii’s shows. Cars as far as Nor Cal and San Diego made the trip just to be at the event and i’m sure if us crazy Hawaiians could make the drive we all would have been at this event also.

Its also always nice to see old friends and also make new friends at these events and we would like thank good friend from Scion Evolution Nilo for being our host for the day.

So enough with all the jibber and on with the photos and let the photos speak for itself.

Old time friends all the way from San Diego! Always nice to see AutoFashion and whats new coming out of there shop. Mike Ma's XB always looking different!

Yes AutoFashion is in the RUCKUS game! Check out the SSR wheel in the rear of there HKS themed bike! Yes it does fit! More info hit up AutoFashion!

Fatlace was also in the house but something look wrong? NO LONG LINES like the Hawaii show?

Air Runner was out in full force! Check out there rides below. and Take note to many of the rides were all Reping AutoFashion!

Five Axis Built Lexus GS

Rodneys "Hawaiian Built" Prius!


Many in Hawaii remember Hypersports! It still lives on! Shouts out to Cary! Sweet LS460 on Universal Air Suspension!

Sweet Cube! and the only Cube at the show!

Hope you guys like these photos! Part 2 coming up soon!
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