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Tokyo Auto Salon Japan Trip Take 1

1/19/2011 10:44 PM

This the first of a few features from the Helluva Japan Trip.

Tokyo Japan was one Helluva adventure trip for Helluva Rides. It was our first trip out of the country and it was an epic experience. A total different lifestyle for what we in the USA is accustomed to, with one major hump that we had to get over was the language barrier not knowing the Japanese language, the other thing that many are not accustomed to is transportation, you are not allowed to just rent a car and go on your merry way, the major type of transportation in Japan is the rail system aka JR that is top notch and we couldn’t see why anyone wouldn’t use it. After a few days we kind of got the hang of using it to get to point “a” to point “b”. Trying to figure out on the map on what color rail you have to use and where to get in what direction.  But again if you didn’t know it was a task asking someone that didn’t understand english. But in all we figured it all out somehow and made it work and we made it back in one piece. Just remember this word SUICA, make sure you get this card to use on the JR system it cuts the time having to stop at the gate to pay each time, all you do is put money on the card and just swipe in and out of the stations.

If you have never experienced Japan.I have never see so many people ever or so many buildings. Everything revolves around the rail system and its a whole city underground in a massive tunnel system that has everything from groceries to shopping malls to restaurants.

You will never starve in Japan, the food is just awesome. Home of Ramen, Curry, Seafood, and a ton of different candies.

Helluva Rides Crew went up with crew of 5. Kory, Co, Myself and our 2 tour guides Sonny Lim and his wife Toshiko that grew up in Japan that made it a lot more easy to learn the new lifestyle of getting around in Japan.

We arrived in Haneda via Hawaiian Airlines in its Award winning first class service and what awesome flight it was to make the trip over. The flight leaves Hawaii at 5:10 pm and gets inthe next night at about 10 pm and the flight home leaves Haneda at 11.59pm and get in at 11am the same day.  We stayed in Shibuya at the Excel Hotel Tokyu that is the most affordable convenient hotels in Shibuya that had a good price and a nice size room for 3. If any of you are ever looking to stay in Shibuya this is the hotel to stay. Its located right above the JR and Bus Station that you will use to get back to Haneda International Airport.

The trip was 4 days long and we still didn’t see everything Japan has to offer. The first day was spent at the Tokyo Auto Salon and the quality of rides were just hands down sick. It took us all day to go through the whole show and we still could have went back for a second day but decided to see the other things besides JDM rides and what Japan had to offer.

The second day we made our way back to Japans main rail station and was told by our tour guides there was a lot of shopping in the area, but was just left there while our tour guides went to visit family in Japan. What we didn’t know was everything was in the subway underground. SO we didn’t see the shopping until day three. But we did find the Imperial palace grounds. We than made it over the rainbow bridge in a monorail and ended up in Odaiba to check out a massive Toyota Dealership called MEGA Web, and it was mega huge. We than made it to Super Auto Bacs in Odaiba.

The third day we went back to Tokyo Station with our tour guides to find the underground shopping and boy it was an amazing experience to see. We spent half the day there eating bentos and buying omiyage for family and friends. We than made it to Electric City in Akihabara to check out all the electronic goodies from Japan. We than made it back to Shibuya and went to the Garson DAD store in OIO shopping center in Shibuya.

The last day we felt brave enough to tackle the JR without any help from out 2 tour guides. And some how found our way to the world famous Tsukiji Market in Ginza. Its just a sight to see on how much seafood goes through this market. From there we made it to the Tokyo Tower in Shiodome in which we got to see the whole Tokyo area from above. We ended our Japan adventure there.

We would like to thank Hawaiian Airlines for an awesome free ride to Japan, Tutty of Scion Evolution Japan and Bond Group for getting us the TAS Tickets. Sonny and Toshiko Lim for showing us around, and most of all the people of Japan! We can not express how polite and respectful these people are.

We hope you enjoy this feature and we hope to bring you more from Japan this year.

Now for a few photos from the Tokyo Auto Salon 2011

Vans made up 80% of the TAS show.

I'm Guessing this is true JDM Getto Style!

Loving the JDM Old School

Air Suspension is always a favorite

Air Runner Booth

Drift cars

New fad that really flowed with the theme!
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