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Maui Wowie! Helluva Ride Visits Maui

3/15/2011 8:54 PM

Hawaii is made up of a chain of islands. Many think that Oahu is where its all happening  and where the Hawaiian car gods roam the streets. Maui isn’t the huge city like Honolulu is, but it is known for its beautiful country scenery and sick rides!

Helluva Rides had a chance to visit Maui on behalf of my kids school field trip so why not kill two birds with one stone and hold an Helluva Ride Meet and Great before we head back to Honolulu. 

While on Maui, what could go wrong went wrong, Broken Bus at the top of Haleakala and on the last day getting bus sick and barfing my brains out! LOL than it couldnt get any worst as we got word of a huge earthquake that had it Japan at about 10pm Hawaii time on March 11. and Earthquakes in the region = Tsunami for Hawaii! When you tuned on the TV it was like watching a movie but it was something huge unfolding in Japan in real time! Everyone around the world was watching that huge wave traveling at 500 mph straight for Japan and it was just shocking as it hit land and took out everything. With Hawaii surrounded by water all you hear is the sirens going off as a tsunami was headed  our way and to hit the islands at about 3am. With our hotel being right across the beach, We had to take the kids to higher ground just to make sure. And we ended up on the slopes of Haleakala in an town called KULA and the teachers vacation home. The kids had a huge slumber party and with no where to sleep the fathers had the garage that we all froze our buts off! In the AM Hawaii was lucky to get minimum effects of the tsunami.

The meet and great event had to be cut short and with all the events that unfolded that day many were probably at home with there families or thinking of there families in Japan. There was still a few hard cores of Maui that still showed up at the event location at the Kahului MCD’s. The event was made of of mostly Scions from Scion Sessions and SE Maui as well as a few Hondas, VIP cars and 4x4. it is alway nice to just chill and hang out and meet new people. We hope the next event we can showcase more of Maui’s sick rides!

We would like to thank
Todd S for taking us around
Jr. for helping get the word out
Brandon O. of 808allday for the event photos

We would like to dedicate this post the the people and victims Japan. Please if you can make a donation to the red cross.

Stay Tuned for an Helluva Rides Charity event for the victims of Japan on Maui and Oahu..

"nippon o sukuou"
"Let's help Japan"
Charity Car Show

The only way to fly to Hawaii and to the neighbor islands of Hawaii! Hawaiian Airlines the Nations on time airlines!

If your ever looking for a hotel on Maui Located in Kehie the Maui Coast Hotel.

With every visit to Maui you can forget to make the drive up to the House of the Sun "Haleakala Crater" It's like your in another world or on the moon.

This silver sword plant only grow up on Haleakala

Iao Valley Hike. If you ever get a chance to this is a must!

Taro plants used to make poi with the roots and the leave are used to make Lau Laus

The Iao Needle

Young Guava

This stream is where most of Maui's drinking water comes from

A short ride over the the other side of the Island to a town called Lahaina. This time of the year whale come to bread in the waters off Lahaina and Lanai

My Favorite Pic! Mahi Mahi  or Dolphin fish

If your ever looking for some grinds! DA KITCHEN in Kihei has some ono food!


Todds XB looking sweet also it just got featured on Air Society

Krystele's Bagged TC

Mels XB

Scion Evolution Maui

JRs award winning XB

Some of you my have wondered what happen to this ride in Honolulu.. Its now roaming the streets on Maui sporting the VIP theme HARD!

Corns and Brandons XBs

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