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Wet n' Wild Tickets 50% Off

10/14/2010 10:28 AM

Courtesy of Helluva Rides, Wet n' Wild is giving a super special deal on admission tickets from now through October 31, 2010.  We can't think of a better way to spend Halloween Day with your family and friends at Wet n' Wild. 

Come see the hottest custom rides at Helluva Rides III starting at 10:30am and then spend the rest of the day playing at Hawaii's biggest water park attraction, at 50% percent off the normal ticket price, and kids ages 2 and under are FREE!!!!

Regular Price Adult Admission $41.99    Helluva Rides Price $19.99
Regular Price Child Admission $31.99   Helluva Rides Price $19.99

Get Your Special Wet n' Wild Tickets Here.

Helluva Rides Judging Score Sheet

Many of you are probably wondering what are the judges, judging your car on? We have posted for you is our scoring system and what we are scoring your car on. 

Judging Score Sheet
Customization = How much work and attention to detail went into build. how much work went into build to make it different from the rest.

Aftermarket = Use of anything other than OEM, use of one off custom made parts, real name brand and rare parts will aways score higher other than use of knocked of parts or generic parts. Having parts that no one has will aways score higher.

Exterior “40 Point Max”

To score a total of 30 points. Vehicles must have modifications such as. The most points will be given to complete custom body and paint, use of custom metal work or fabrication such as shaving, molding, or complete frame off builds. Use of candy colors and graphics will score higher than normal colors because of the extra work that is needed. Use of body kits or lip kits. Body kits get higher scores because full bumper replacement is required rather than lip kits were lips are added to bottom of the bumpers. Spoilers, Grill swaps, use of Carbon fiber replacement parts all add to scores

Wheels and tires/ Suspension/Brakes “20 Point Max”

To score a total of 20 points. Vehicles must have custom wheels, custom suspension brake system. Like aways custom parts will aways score higher. Rare custom fit wheels will aways score higher than generic, knocked off wheels. Suspensions systems adjustable suspensions such as air rides, hydraulics will aways score higher because of the extent of the install and extra parts that may be involved where as coil overs systems will score higher than basic spring and shocks . Cars already equip with OEM air suspension will put in the same category as springs because it actually stock. Use of sway bars, custom control arms, link suspensions are all taken into your total score. Aftermarket brake systems are also required to score max points. Example.. a car that had drum brakes in the rear and converted to rear dick will score higher than a car that already had rear disk brakes.

Engine “20 Point Max”

To score a total of 20 points. Engine bays must have Engine swaps with full engine rebuilds other than OEM. Customization to fire walls. chrome, polishing, hiding of wire harness use of aftermarket parts.

Interior “30 Point Max”

To score a total of 20 points. Vehicles must have custom extensive work done to it. OEM leather is considered stock but will score higher than a vehicle not equip with leather. Seat swaps will score lower than a vehicle that had its seats re done because of the extra work involved were as an aftermarket seat unless it is redone it is just an bolt in modification. customization to dash, floor, headliner, pillars, door panels all must be customized to score max points. ICE will not be added to interior points but as an added extra points in section below

Extra points “30 Point Max”

Cleanness = how clean and detailed is the vehicle. Fender wells, door jambs, eng. bays, wheels front and back Use of Display = Extra points will be awarded to those who use a display with the vehicles. Overall Appearance = How well is the build and how well does the theme flow with the vehicle. Over all look

ICE = vehicles that have full “in car entertainment” system such as full stereo upgrades, gaming systems, use of monitors, fiberglass fabrication and use of lights

Special Awards

1. Best VIP Style = Any car the sports the VIP theme.
2. Best Import
3. Best Domestic
4. Best flushed and stanced

5. Best Classic/ Rod
6. Best Interior
7. Best ICE “In car entertainment”
8. Best Halloween Display
 9. Best of Show = Highest total points
10.    Best of Show Peoples Choice

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