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Air Suspension 101.. Take 1

1/2/2011 12:26 PM

Air Runner Strut vs Tein Coil Overs.

We like to start off the new year with something a little different. We have done a lot rides and show features last year. But lets again take it up another notch with product and technical features. What does it take to get these rides to where it is right now and how its done and why.

Revision Audio Lexus LS. OEM Air

Air suspensions has been around for years in Semi Trucks and a few cars.The Mini truck scene has been into sir suspensions for a while now. So its not new to the automotive scene. More and more car manufactures are using air suspension on there higher end cars because it provides a smoother ride. And yes there are ways of slamming these OEM equipt rides using the air suspension thats already in these cars. We will go into that later.

Our first write up is about the ever growing popularity with Air Suspensions. Many are choosing to use air suspensions in there builds because of its adjustability and quality and smoothness of the ride it provides. And with the Flush and Stanced fad growing, many rides with wheels and tires combos sitting either even with the fender well or poking out guys want to be able to drive there rides with out having to worry about wheels and tires rubbing, but yet having that option to lay it low at a push of a button.

We had a chance to talk with the guys at Forjworks about air suspensions. There very experianced shop because they deal with most brands so they know what best for each ride. They were just wrapping up in install on a Honda Accord using Air Runner suspension, they will tell you why that kit was chosen.

Forjworks Installed Air Runner on Honda Accord


There are many mixed opinions on its reliability. Many of those that claim its not reliable most likely installed it wrong, in which causes there air suspension setups to failed. A properly professional installation can give you years of trouble free operation. Small things like the type of hoses and types of fittings can make a huge difference also. For example you can take the best kit on the market and have it fail on you because of the quality of the install.

Types and brands of kits.

There are many brands and types of kits in the market these days you just have to do your home work on which kit is best. Searching forums and asking is probably your best bet or asking a shop that deals with a number of companies that they will use for there installs. Air Runner Brand is the market when it comes to being type of car specific. Thats the only kit we know of that if they say its for that specific car, its made for that car and will work right. But if you choose to go with a cheaper kit like Universal Air or Air Lift you have to watch out because some times these kits are not meant for certain cars. Let use the Accord as an example. The UAS bags wont work with the Accord because of its size and will end up rubbing. the front arm. But the Air Runner one will work because they used a sleeved type of bag in there systems that will clear the arm.

The main difference in AIr Runner and UAS systems are Air Runners cost more but they are a direct bolt up, it come complete with new struts already assembled. UAS kits are cheaper because its comes un assembled and modifications to the struts has to be done. the UAS is probably cheaper to the DIY guy out there because you don't have to factor in the labor to build the struts. But on a shop persecutive it may cost almost as much at the end as an air runner kit because of the added labor to install an UAS set up.

Forjworks offers a cheaper way to get bagged for those that still want to DIY but don’t want to deal with making the struts. They use UAS bags on there set ups with there own  brackets that is cut on a CNC and are made to fit right.

There are many shops that we recommend to purchase or install your set ups. that can guide you in the right direction.

Auto Fashion (San Diego Cali)
Midnight Garage (Los Angeles Cali)
ForjWorks (Honolulu Hawaii)
Revision Audio (Honolulu Hawaii)
NRS Fab (Honolulu Hawaii)
Like No Other (Honolulu Hawaii)

Major brand websites
Air Runner http://www.airrunnersystems.com/air-suspension/
Universal Air Suspension http://www.universalairsuspension.com/
Forjworks www.forjworks.com

Resource and websites
Air Society http://www.airsociety.net/
VIP Style cars http://vipstylecars.com/forums/
bB Squad http://www.bbsquad.org/forum/suspension/?sid=b179f12f590baccbcbca6b7e51f43c48
Stanceworks http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=35

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