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2011 SEMA AirREX Suspension Systems

11/13/2011 10:29 AM

As you know Helluva Rides did a write up on Air Suspension Systems earlier this year.

At Sema 2011 we had a chance to meet up with the guys at the AIRREX Air Suspensions booth. But before we get on with the feature on AirREX let take you guys back to memory lane.

Adjustable suspensions have come a long way and evolved in many different ways. Lets take a stroll back about 20 years when the lowrider movement was in full swing and hydraulics suspensions ruled the automotive scene and shows. Hydraulic suspensions were being used long before the huge Lowrider movement back in the 90s but hydraulic suspensions were mostly used on domestic cars. Of course it hydraulics worked well on the domestic cars the movement was well on its way to Euros and Imports into the lowrider scene. Back in the day air suspension wasn’t the choice of anyone. But as the movement headed to the import scene the ride quality of Hydraulics and imports was that the ride was to stiff and bouncy.

Within the next few years lets say mid 90s the truck scene was turning to air bag suspension systems. Air Suspension was the answer for a smoother ride. But for the imports with a strut suspension system there still wasn’t really an answer because bags would have to be fitted over struts and the struts having to pass through the bags.

In the past 5 years Air suspensions have come a long way as for as applications for Import cars. One of the first reliable strut systems that we saw was the Air Runner Systems from Japan and first shown and imported by Auto Fashion of San Diego on there Scion XA show car.  At that time Auto Fashion I would say blew the air suspension scene up. Again Air Runners aka ACC Corporation  history goes back to the Lowrider movement in the 90s as they where the ones that brought Hydraulics to Japan as RED’s Hydraulics Japan since than they have become Air Runner. From there many other companies tried to duplicate what Air Runner had on the market. But again Air Runner being the only reliable kit on the market the price was well out of reach for many. Companies such as Universal Air Suspension another company that has evolved from the Lowrider movement as many of us old school guys know they were known as House of Lowriders back in the day. But since than have evolved to making just Air Suspensions. We would say UAS has held the second best Air suspension on the market making it Universal and has a bag just for struts systems that is universal, but there kits have a down fall as the bags will only fit certain cars. Air Lift has been in the business for some years and they have air systems for many applications but as far as reliability it lacked that in so many ways.

So now we are where we are at in 2011. Coming a long way and a search for a air suspension system the could bring a lower cost and just as reliable as Air Runner. We came Across AirREX. AirREX system caught our eyes because although Air Runner already had a coil over bag system the cost was way out of reach for many again and the applications for the coil over bag system was limited to only Lexus.

When we came across the AirREX booth we noticed it was made it Taiwan and as we know most people have mixed feelings about products made in Taiwan. Lets put it this way what isn’t made in Taiwan, many see that Japan products have the highest quality out in the market but when you look behind the product Taiwan played a huge roll in making many of Japans or products that come out of the USA top notch. AirREX parent company is Pin Hsiu rubber company that manufactures anything rubber for the automotive industry. They been in the rubber business since 1984.

AirREX Feature Sema w212 E-Class

Follow the build on Air Society

AirRex is distributed in the USA by Memoryfab and Hawaii’s own Forjworks. and Reps from booth shops were on hand to answer questions as well as the reps from Taiwan that also spoke pretty good english. We asked them how did they learn english and its all about HBO they said! LOL ... If you ever went to the Tokyo Auto Salon show and tried talking the the reps of Japanese manufactures it was impossible to make any type of communication with them.

What AirREX has is what we can say is the missing link to air suspension systems. there damper systems are all of the coil over type in which brings to the market a product that has more features than the normal strut systems you see on the market. Performance wise yes its a coil over with bags. As far as how low you can go.. the length of the dampers can be adjusted shorter or longer for your needs. Try doing that with a normal strut system. We looked and asked about there bags, all there bags are made by them because there main business is rubber. So another question that usually number one is reliability... Memoryfab has been testing and installing the AirREX systems for over a year and yes it does have the reliably.

Now here is where it gets even better. AirREX Digital Management systems. They design there own. if you compare Air Runner and Airlift.  Air Runner uses another brands that is hight sensing and Air lift has there own thats pressure sensing and isn't to good and made in taiwan in probably some cheap factory. AirREX debuted there Stage 3 Systems at Sema that is wireless. We had a chance to try and compare pressure sensing systems by Airlift and AirREX and AirREX just blows away the AirLift Digital pressure sensing set up.

AirRex Mini Cooper with Stage III management

AirREX has also been proven that it will perform on the race track as they are actively racing there Mini Cooper and wining at races in Taiwan. 

So in the end if we compared AirREX. AirREX in the end you will get the highest quality, more features and a more affordable air suspension system.

AirRex also debuted what they are working on for the future. as you can see where this is head to. Not only using bags over coil over dampers but also integrating use of an actual coil with a bag over the coil

More info in AirREX

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AirREX Sema 2011 Feature Booth Car. Honda Insight

Build topic at

Nitrous Oxide Systems 25-shot fogger

17X9 Volk TE37 0 offset refinished in Red by Memoryfab

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